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Without military Patches no outfit is complete. Whether you're in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, we can provide bespoke patches with your name, rank, unit, squad, or battalion information.
Army patches are a crucial part of any provider member's uniform, and we at MegaPatches understand that. Your custom Military patches will help you stand out whether you're in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy. Our bespoke navy patches are great for fatigues, get-ups, caps or coverings, baggage, and more. We also specialize in personalized morale patches, which are typically more edgy.



Disseminate the guidelines with the help of - Combat Military Patch:

Military patches Custom is worn as a mark of honour and can be seen on all military uniforms. There are so many firms in the military, and each one has its own patch design. From flag patches to morale patches and beyond, they're proudly worn to represent ranks, unique gadgets, brands, and a variety of other information.

The uniform has the potential to be a powerful weapon in achieving coverage change. It's a graphic reminder of solidity, togetherness, and not uncommon rationality on a communal level. It expresses solely self-importance, engagement, and professional witness. The military provides numerous perks, including guidance for you and your loved ones during the deposition process and beyond.

As the top military patch maker, we've made personalized patches for our military participants for a variety of reasons, and we appreciate their dedication to their duty. Clothing, missions, remembrances, activities, rank, association merchandise, and more are among the most popular bespoke army patch requests.


All we do is create custom military Moral patches and other military patches tailored to your Corp’s unique design requirements.
You'll be able to include various colors in your patches at no extra charge, and you'll be able to design them in any shape or size to suit your needs.

We use the highest quality materials to make our bespoke patches, and we take pride in our artwork. To get started, contact us today for a free quote.

Regardless of the size, color, or shape of your scout patches, we are glad to offer the most competitive cost currently available. MegaPatches is also delighted to provide easy delivery anywhere in the United States, making this a hard offer to pass up.

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Select a style from our extensive collection. We offer one that is ideal for every need and every budget!


We'll answer quickly with a sample of your patch design after you fill out our quote form.


You can go over patch trials again and again until it's exactly what you need. Revisions and artwork are usually free!


Confirm your order once you're satisfied with your design. Our FREE shipping gets your patches to you quickly, anywhere in the United States!

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Our high-quality materials and artwork, together with our stringent quality control procedure, ensure that your bespoke patches are the best available. Whether you need a military jacket with patches or a military hat with patches, we will not let you down.
We will not be undersold on price, so you may have fantastic bespoke patches regardless of your financial situation!

Get different types of Military Patches Online:

MegaPatches, with its bright fine cloth and prompt delivery carrier, would be in your face when it comes to obtaining a Military name patch maker employer. The majority of the custom army patches we've made are traditional embroidered patches with a Velcro backing. We can, however, make long-lasting PVC army patches, woven navy patches, and published army patches that closely resemble images. Unlike traditional needlework, many of these patch techniques allow for greater details. Here are the basic types of Military Patches we provide: ● Patches for the Army
● Navy Patches
● Patches for the Air Force
● Patches for Marines
● Personalized Morale Patches
Military morale patches and military Velcro patches are also a speciality of the industry specialists at MegaPatches. These one-of-a-kind patches offer an inside look at a military unit and are great for honoring missions. Custom morale patches, which can be worn on uniforms, hats, or luggage, help to market enthusiasm, self-confidence, and loyalty to one another.

Military and Morale Patches with Velcro:

Army and morale patches with Velcro backing are ideal for attaching to uniforms or caps. Because you can choose from a variety of patch types and backings for your personalized patches, the possibilities are endless. We can create PVC military and Military insignia patches that are durable enough to withstand the elements. Alternatively, our embroidered and woven patches are manufactured from the highest quality fabrics, ensuring that they will last for many years (and washes). We can make full-color and subdued patches in OCP, ACU, and other materials in practically any form and length, ensuring that your patch is completely unique.

MegaPatches – your best Military Patch maker online:

MegaPatches is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of product quality and customer service available. We have a great deal of respect for the women and men who serve in the armed forces of the United States, and we pledge to never compromise on this issue.
We're pleased to provide unfastened artwork and layout, unfastened modifications, and, most importantly, unfastened delivery to any location within the United States.
Working with some of the best designers in the industry, we have the skills and passion to produce the perfect personalized hockey captain patch, jersey patch or others.

Quality that comes with Experience:

For years MegaPatches has been designing and manufacturing custom military patches. We've been granted you regardless of which Defense force you represent. We're familiar with all of the standard insignias and designs, and we enjoy seeing the unique designs that many devices provide.

All you have to do is call us toll-free at or get the quote directly from our website. We stay up late to hear from you!

Why should you go with MegaPatches?

With a name like ours, you can already tell we take pride in our country. We'll go to great lengths to ensure that your morale or navy patches turn out exactly as you intended. Within the United States, we always provide free bids and transportation.

You simply cannot pass incorrectly with our top-notch standards, quick turnaround times, and top-notch customer service. Whether you're a serving navy member, a veteran, or a civilian looking to design personalized military patches to honor a loved one who has served, MegaPatches is here to help you every step of the way.

When we say custom, we don't imply it lightly

We provide you with an entire control over the length, form, colors, arrangement, and backing type of your embroidered patches. We may personalize your hockey patches to meet your individual requirements. Our expert artists will be delighted to assist you in creating patches that are appropriate for both you and your workplace.

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Every Custom Patch is backed by our Unparalleled Customer Service and a 100% Quality Guarantee.

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Our FAQ's

You can order 1 or 100, there is no minimum restriction.

Delivery will be in 7-10 working days after sample approval.

Patches are made in our overseas unit and we have our warehouse in Michigan.

We provide heatseal/Iron on backing for free with every order. If you need velcro, Peel & Stick backing that will add extra charges.